Banana fiber and health

Don’t eat when you are suffocating.Do not eat while walking in the hot sun.People who have had malariaAllergy to sweet fruit and banana.Bananas when I’m hotEat after boiling until the juice comes out. Normal healthy peopleIf you want to eat for nutritionSweet fruit, raw fig,Any banana can be eaten.

  1. The sour fat in the bones has decreased
    People with joint pain
    Banana and a small spoonful of mustard oil
    Eat every day.
  2. Stomach cancer patients
    Bone cancer patients
    Eat bananas with a little turmeric powder.
  3. If you suffer from stress and anxiety
    3 bananas
    Fried with honey.
  4. Weak kidneys
    For kidney pain
    As a natural potassium supplement
    Eat only (raw) bananas.
  5. Colon
    In order to work quickly
    To cleanse the intestines
    Ripe bananas are delicious
    Eat with roasted salt fire/baked salt fire.
  6. Blurred vision
    For cataracts
    Mash the banana flesh
    Around the eyes
    10 minutes
    Wipe and rinse with warm water.
  7. To suck out the heat and putrefy
    Eat a banana with 3 spoons of yogurt.
  8. Tired
    If there is no strength, the banana
    Mix with coconut milk.
  9. Four-sided arthritis
    Bananas for people who are biting
    Cut the top and bottom
    Roast the shell well.
    Eat the meat inside.
  10. Freckles and black spots
    If you want to heal burns
    Mix banana flesh and yogurt.
    Roll thinly
    After ten minutes, rinse with warm water.

Don’t eat when you are suffocating.
Do not eat while walking in the hot sun.
People who have had malaria
Allergy to sweet fruit and banana.
Bananas when I’m hot
Eat after boiling until the juice comes out.
Normal healthy people
If you want to eat for nutrition
Sweet fruit, raw fig,
Any banana can be eaten.


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